Oreka TX

Wood, Stone & bamboo Txalaparta

Oreka TX was founded by Harkaitz Martinez de San Vicente and Igor Otxoa txalaparta players in 1997. The last ten years, although, Harkaitz has Mikel Ugarte as a txalaparta partner. There have been 20 exciting years playing all around the world with great musitians as Kepa Junkera, Alaisdair Fraser, Motoko Hirayama, Aziza Brahim, Ara Malikian, Manu Dibango, Labeque sisters… and producing and taking part in many multidisciplinary projects. Oreka TX has became a worldwide reference of txalaparta and basque culture due to their concerts in all continents and their energetic and impressive way of playing.


Gwilym Bowen Rhys 

Vocals, acoustic guitar & mandolin

Gwilym Bowen Rhys is a young musician from North Wales who sings in his native language of Welsh. He has performed in many Welsh language groups during the last decade including rock/pop group ‘Y Bandana’ and with his two sisters in alt folk trio ‘Plu’. Recently he has started looking in to Welsh traditional music and re-interpreting old verses and melodies. He released his first solo album of traditional and original material in 2016.



Mixel Ducau

Musical director

Alboka, ttun ttun, wood clarinete, soprano saxophone & acoustic guitar

Mixel Ducau is the musical genius behind Bidaia’s unique sound, both a composer and arranger he also writes some lyrics in Basque. On vocals, guitars, flutes, ttun-ttun and alboka… 

A native of the Basque Country and founder of the very successful Basque contemporary rock group Errobi. Both musician and artistic director, Mixel decided to study traditional Basque music on the alboka, ttun-ttun and acoustic guitar.

His musical experience is forged through collaboration with the Compagnie Bernard Lubat and Joseba Tapia (diatonic accordion). 

His talent as a powerful vocalist, a tradition in the Basque Country, only enhances his appeal as a composer and excellent musician. Mixel plays so many instruments that the phrase “what DON’T you play ?” frequently arises in conversations… Take a look at the many instruments he plays and some of his musical past.


Monica de Nut

Vocals & tambourine

Mónica de Nut sings opera, jazz, traditional music, experimental music. Shes got experience in theatrical acting and contemporary dance. She was trained in lyrical singing, graduating in the Escuela Superior de Voz de Madrid, as well as in Galician traditional singing, contemporary music and jazz. After the success of her first album Mónica de nut Trío, she has just released Dos Fios Invisibles Chegan as Cores.


Marit Talens

Vocals & small percussion

Marit Talens is a 20 year old singer from Fryslân, born and raised in Marsum, currently living in Arnhem on the other side of the Netherlands for her study at the Jazz & Pop conservatory. Ever since she could walk and talk she has been dancing and singing and since her highschool time she has been performing with bands, mainly in the rock, soul and pop genre. Later on she also started to get serious in the singersongwriter business, which gave her the opportunity to perform at the minoritylanguages songfestival SUNS-Europe last year where she won second place after winning the Frisian songfestival Liet.


Caoimhín Ó Fearghail

Vocals, bouzouki & flute  

Caoimhín Ó Fearghail comes from An Rinn in the west Waterford ‘Gaeltacht’ or Irish speaking area of Ireland. He started to learn the tin-whistle at the age of eight and quickly progressed to the uilleann pipes. He is also self-taught on flute, guitar and bouzouki and is influenced by the many great musicians and singers from his home area as well as many commercially recorded artists and greats of Irish music. He has featured on a number of albums in the last few years playing various instruments, including Lá ag Ól Uisce, with his brother Seán, a fiddler, and accordionist Tomás Ó Gealbháin. He has performed frequently at home and abroad, solo and also with groups like Danú and Caladh Nua, the latter of which he is now a member of. He was the 2012 recipient of the TG4 Young Musician of the Year award (Gradam Ceoil TG4).


Ixi Jauregi

Vocals, wood & stone txalaparta, tambourine.

Born in Hernani, the area where the txalaparta survived, she started playing tambourine being a kid. Some years later, the sound and rythm of txalaparta captivated her and since then she has played with the master of that instrument, Juan Mari Beltran. At the moment she is member too of the international band Bitartean


Rona Wilkie

Vocals & fiddle

Rona Wilkie is a fiddle player and Gaelic singer from Argyll. Having been crowned BBC Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year in 2012, Rona has gone onto prove herself at the forefront of the Scottish fiddle scene. She combines voice and fiddle to create a new exciting perspective on Highland music, and has pushed the boundaries for fusion, combining her home tradition with many musicians from across the world.


Iñigo Egia


At 23, he travelled to London to study percussion. He studied in depth Latin, African and Hindu percussion with such outstanding musicians from the international framework as Bosco de Oliveira, Agustino Gómez, Mike Bennett, Mamadi Kamo and Jatin Omar. Since there, he has been performing in many bands such as Papa Bois, Uninvited, Cafe Patoo, Makosa, The Multiheaded Vibe Set, Rob Williams Trio, Tumbadito, Barraca Selva, Tres Non Verba, Argot, Ferretería del Son, Euritan Blai, Kepa Junkera, Ghetto pa´lante, Guaraira, Iker Goenaga, Deabru Beltzak, Igelaren Banda, Oskorri, Oreka TX and Tik Tara.


Bec Applebee

Vocals & percussions

Bec Applebee is an engaging and astonishingly versatile performer. She is respected equally as a musician and physical theatre actor and director. Bec has worked with internationally acclaimed companies such as Goldentree productions, Kneehigh theatre, Wild Works and she also makes her makes and performs her own work (“Oh Mary”, The Ugly Sisters) Bec is a founder member of Dalla who are the internationally acclaimed leading lights of Cornish traditional music. The members of Dalla are some of the foremost proponents of traditional Cornish music today. They have been on a journey from the earliest sparks of the revival in Cornish Traditional Music to the exuberantly expanding universe of the scene today.